Online marketing is a crucial part of success for any business. Internet advertising opens doors to new opportunities and a wider audience. There are some things you need to consider when implementing any sort of online marketing strategy. There are no hard rules when it comes strategy, but there are proven methods of success. You need to follow certain guidelines to make sure that your efforts are worth the trouble. These tips will break down the do’s and don’ts of marketing online.

Online Marketing Do’s

  • Make your site simple to navigate. Give users what they want as quickly and pain free as possible.Keep website information simple and straightforward.
  • The more user friendly your site is the better off you are. Build a responsive site that works on all devices. Giving visitors a satisfying browsing experience will keep them coming back.
  • Choose a relevant domain name that is simple to say and easy to remember. This will make it easier for people to share and remember.
  • Brush up on your SEO skills. Devise and implement a thorough SEO strategy. SEO optimization can be a hassle, but it’s not too difficult and the ROI is definitely worth the trouble. With a solid index ranking, people will have a much better chance at finding your site.
  • Have a short email signature. Placing your website URL in an email signature is a good way to draw traffic to a website. Keep the signature brief to make sure people pay attention to it.
  • Interact with visitors on your site through forums, polls, games or questionnaires to learn about your audience. Collect the data and use it to analyze your next marketing move.
  • Make a blog for your site. Blogs can encourage user interaction. Update your content often to give readers a reason to come back. Share your blog entries on social media and offer subscriptions to your posts.

Online Marketing Don’ts

  • Use black hat SEO practices. This kind of marketing involves phishing, unsolicited emails, spamming and even more malicious techniques. This kind of behavior can get your site penalized by web crawlers or even banned from being indexed. You will also have a tough time keeping any affiliate marketing programs you once had.
  • Market your site before it is completely finished. If people see an unfinished site, they might not bother coming back when it’s ready. First impressions are important online. Your first impression can draw in visitors or drive them away.
  • Force users to register to obtain information. How would you like to walk into a store and have someone require that you give them your home address before you are allowed to look at anything? This subjugates the user and usually sends them packing. If you require that people register for legitimate reasons, keep the registered members information to a minimum.
  • Forget about your guests. This website isn’t just for you, it’s for your visitors. Keep the users experience in mind the entire time you are developing the site.
  • Send long emails. Long messages immediately look like a chore. If you have to send a lot of information in an email, break up the content into readable, bite sized chunks to break up the monotony. Try to keep is short and sweet if you can.