Logo Design branding?

What is company identity? What’s the difference between a logo and a brand? If you are interested in building a brand, then you need to answer these questions first. To make things clear we set out to define and discuss brand, identity, logo to help you craft a unique own branding campaign.

Logo — A logo is an icon to represent a business or organization. Effective logos include the MLB association and Apple.

Brand — The emotional perception of the image as a whole. This is how the public collectively sees your brand.

Identity — This encompasses all of the visual aids and objects that make up an organizations image.

What is branding?

Branding is a big deal. There are various disciplines and concepts that are relevant to branding a product or company. Branding consists of many elements that shape public opinion and view. Ultimately a brand is made by people, it is the image of the company. It is the consistency of this image that makes up its perception among the masses. If branding is not done carefully, it can be disastrous. Look at the trouble Monsanto has had for the past few years. Negative press can make or break a lot of companies.
An example of a successful branding campaign is Apple. This well-known IT giant has a company brand that conveys an altruistic and humanitarian image. This image has been a thread that runs throughout everything Apple does. For decades Apples has been involved in humanitarian causes and championed spread the cause of democratizing technology. This image along with their products, logo and actions help create their brand.

What is identity design?

Designing identity is based on the images and visual aids a company uses. Setting standards and guidelines can help keep the identity focused and cohesive. These guidelines usually involve how visual devices are applied to a variety of mediums. Approved fonts, color schemes, layout designs, icons etc. are selected to keep a consistent identity. This ensures that the brand is more recognizable. Following are some visual components that make up identity:

Logo — a symbol, mark or entire brand

Stationary — business cards, letterheads, envelops, pens

Products & Packages — products and packages they come in

Marketing Materials — flyers, pamphlets, books, websites etc.

Messages — ideas conveyed through image or graphics

Visual Aid — includes anything visual that is used to represent the business

All of these components should fall in line with the brand as a whole. The logo however, is the entire corporate identity condensed into a concise representation. This mark is the avatar for a business.

More on Logos

Logos identify a company or product with the use of symbols. Logos obtain meaning from the quality of that which they symbolize. Think of a logo as a signature, they are there to identify. The goal of a successful logo is to present the business in a recognizable way that aligns with the company image. Only after a logo becomes recognizable does it function the way that we want it to. It identifies a product and/or business in its most simple form.

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