Any CEO or business owner can attest to the importance of advertising to as many people as possible. Spreading the word around so more and more people are aware can garner interest and bring in more business. Getting a lot of exposure means more revenue and more recognition. One of the best ways of getting the word about your services and/or products is to send out print materials. Distributing stationary, business cards, flyers and other print media are all affordable, time tested ways to create awareness with print media. Nowadays it can be easy to underestimate the value of a physical business card or flyer.

Is Print Dead?

Even though I run the risk of sounding like a Luddite, but despite what people say, print is not dead. Print is becoming a much more niche market, focusing producing higher quality products, but is definitely alive and well in the forms of books, magazines, business cards, flyers, menus and more.

This question has been a buzz marketing term for the past decade, while many businesses have gone exclusively digital with their advertising strategy, print is still a powerful medium and a necessary part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Let’s explore print media and some of the advantages it holds over digital.

Credibility — having something physical to hold ads credibility to a company’s image. So many spammers and popups clutter the internet that ads often become little more than a nuisance in people’s minds. Many people, especially those weary of annoying adverts, will respond positively to print ads.

Niche Marketing — if you want to target a specific buyer persona, print ads can help you. Just as with the resurgence of vinyl records, print will appeal to a specialized group of buyers. Placing ads in print can reach certain demographics where digital cannot.

Branding — print ads are great for solidifying brand identity. Ads that fall in line with core principles and your company image will help create a stronger impression in people’s minds than just digital or print alone.

Engaging — the more ways you can engage customers the better. Printed materials are allow for more information to be processed and enjoyed. Think of it as the difference between seeing a live band and listening to an mp3. Print is still a richer media experience than digital, and whether people realize it or not they know the difference.

QR Codes — placing a QR code on a print item can bridge the gap between the physical world and cyberspace. Use them to transport people from print to the web with a single point and click of a mobile device.

Less Ads — many businesses don’t invest in advertising for print. With so many people advertising online, your ad has a better chance at being noticed in print than online. The prices for ad space on print has gone down as well, so it’s an affordable way to advertise.

The best way to get the most out of advertising is to utilize a multichannel approach. Use as many mediums and resources as possible within your budget. It’s also a good way to exhaust every possibility of reaching your target demographic. Even if you gain 2 or 3 customers out of 1000 flyers or business cards distributed, you will most likely receive a return on your investment. Advertising with print materials can enhance just about any marketing campaign.