This is a story about Badger City. A sleepy little town which is no different from most other sleepy little towns.
So... You Want the Story?
The only significant difference is the year is 2125 and Badger City is located on Recourse Evident, a synthetic planet that is a mimic of the planet earth. The other only difference worth mentioning is the National Center for Zombie Technology (NCZT) which is the mainstay of commerce for the
Town has just had a major breach and there are
zombies running amok in the facility!

Has it ever occurred strange to the rest of you that these ultra hi-tech facilities with tons of protocols for safety and containment always fail and let the most awful thing loose on the world?!

I mean really-why don't we just store the hyper
dangerous bio-hazards at the local grocery
store!You never see a story in the news about
a grocery store letting pandemic loose on all of
mankind. Sorry, I got sidetracked. Anyway
there are zombies running amok which turns
out to be a really bad thing for Andy Anderson Sr who
is the Director of the NCZT-- He is attacked by a really nasty
zombie and bitten. It turns out to be a really bad thing for Andie
Jr too as his Dad barely makes it home before collapsing and turning into
a zombie himself and then biting his own son! I don't know about you but I have
seen enough zombie movies to know if I get zombie bit, being around people I love is the
last thing I would want to do! I mean grow a brain dude!

What an idiot! Oh, sorry, I got off track again. So you see, there a big problem now in Badger
City with more and more people being infected with auto necroctic reversal syndrome (ANRS). Not to
mention that the planet Recourse is divided into two halves one called Recourse Evident and Recourse
Mirror and Recourse Mirror has abandoned any assistance to Recourse Evident. Not to mention further
That there is another planet called Harrow populated by an earth-like species called Nomans planning to
attack Recourse. I could not mention a lot of things but really, I think your getting the picture that
Badger CIty is pretty much screwed unless someone does something and does it quick!